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Offering you a full range of interior and exterior design services

Exterior, Interior & Commercial With over 12 years of experience in commercial, residential, and industrial renovations.


We create whole home solutions based on functionality, style, and budget. If you are looking to re-configure your space, add walls, additions, or even a home gym; we take care of your full home renovations from start to finish.


Whether you are looking for a deck to relax on, a pool to cool off in, repair to your foundation, or a beautiful garden; Sesmaval is able to make your outdoor dreams a reality.


When it comes to kitchen renovations, functionality is just as important as an amazing look and feel. At Sesmaval we are able to reform your current kitchen, add upgrades, and any additions to your existing space. 


Whether you have a large or small bathroom we create an amazing space with your personal care needs in mind. If you desire extra storage for towels, more countertop space, or want a shower with extra room for all of your shower items, we can design custom solutions to suit your needs.


At Sesmaval we provide full basement renovations. We can transform an unfinished basement or update your current basement. If you are looking to add an additional room, lighting, a new bathroom, or reconfigure your whole space; our team of experts can create a solution that suits the needs of you and your family.


At Sesmaval Construction Group Inc., we have been proudly serving our clients for more than 12 years. Our team of licensed trades and professionals is dedicated to building high-quality commercial spaces that will exceed your expectations. 

“Count on us to exceed your expectations, we are always on call”

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